This episode was in many ways a breath of fresh air and a fun – yet thought-provoking – detour away from the Big Picture discussion into the gritty, pixellated textures of the personal sphere. Please subscribe, drop a review, and share this information widely.

Listen to all episodes of Truthiverse at – In a time of such worldly turbulence and swirling uncertainty, it’s never a bad idea to take a deep breath and turn your attention within. This chat with Tom Barnett – creator of the viral video “Can You Catch a Virus?” – offers a welcome respite from the global (programmed) corona-mania, and a chance to re-focus and come back to the still point. Generally a man of as few words as possible, I managed to coax some quite wise ones from Tom as we explored a diverse array of topics, including intelligent activism, why he likes to regularly leave his comfort zone, personal development and shadow work, freedom, and masculinity compared to the feminine – among plenty of others. I think you’ll agree this is a thought-provoking discussion with many nuggets of wisdom and insight worth sharing. Enjoy!

Brendan D. Murphy is a Truth Addict and Freedom Hacker for the better part of 2 decades now, Brendan D. Murphy has been a stalwart advocate of humanity in the war on consciousness, as he has helped educate, awaken, and inspire thousands of people around the world. Author of the monumental masterpiece (as dubbed by several readers) “The Grand Illusion: A Synthesis of Science and Spirituality – Book 1” and co-founder of the censorship-free Fedbook alternative – Trooth network – Brendan’s life revolves entirely around creating a better, freer, healthier world for all humans.

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